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Self-Defense Training for Women and Teenage Girls

Our story and philosophy

MBSD self-defense classes

Downloadable tip-sheets

Our Mission

Myrtle Beach Self-Defense equips women and teenage girls with proven exit strategies and hands-on techniques to stand their ground, defend, and fight in case of a personal attack. We aim to transform any unsuspecting target into a powerful woman to be reckoned with through teaching of prevention and awareness techniques in every class. We are driven by personal experience to spread female empowerment to women of all ages and abilities.

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We offer self-defense classes from September to May

Now Scheduling!
April & May 2024 Events/Classes

Tuesday evenings in Murrells Inlet

Form your own group of women & teenage girls


Jumpstart your
self-defense journey.

Smart Jewelry

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Discreet wearable technology that could save your life!

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