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Self-Defense Classes

No upcoming events at the moment

Class Structure

The techniques we teach are from the Gracie Jiu-jitsu Academy-Women Empowered Program. They are based on the most common threats to women, creating a system of leverage, not strength. No matter your size, skill-level, or athleticism, you can use these techniques to stay safe. You can do this! 

The goal of classes is to empower women to realize their inner strength and enable them with the tools to remain calm and safe, escape, and fight back if necessary. Classes allow participants to gain experience through hands-on application of self-defense techniques.


Introduction to the problem and solution (self-defense)


Sharing of personal

self-defense stories

Safety Discussion

The phases of victimization, college concerns, and verbal self-defense / awareness, boundaries, and communication


Standing Technique​​

​Defenses, grabs, chokes


Ground Work

Line drills on mats

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