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How To Prepare Your Teen for College Life; Personal Safety

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Meet Mykila, a high school senior.

Mykila has been a student of self defense for the last two years, taking classes with Heather of Myrtle Beach Self Defense. As she’s ready to go off to college, we asked her some questions regarding her self defense journey, her confidence, campus safety and things other teenagers should know about self defense.

Why Self Defense Classes for Teenagers Are Important

When did you first take an interest in a self-defense class; who invited you and why?

I first took interest in self-defense when I started visiting college campuses. My mom encouraged me to take a self-defense class to prepare for campus life.

What made you come back after the first class?

I kept going back to classes because I genuinely liked it and felt better about myself. I definitely enjoy every class.

Preparing For College Life Should Include More Than Applying for Scholarships!

How has learning self-defense affected your life (good and/or bad) and do you feel prepared to go off to college?

Learning self-defense has impacted my life in a positive way. I was raised being taught to be aware of my surroundings but now I analyze what to do if something were to go wrong and I found myself in a bad situation. I am prepared to go off to college because I feel capable of protecting myself.

What role has Myrtle beach Self Defense played in your life?

Myrtle Beach Self Defense has played a major role in my life. I realized I’m capable of protecting myself.

Knowledge (and Muscle Memory) is Power in Personal Safety on Campus

Would you recommend all teenage girls take self-defense; if yes, state some things you've learned that would be valuable to others.

I would highly recommend Myrtle Beach Self Defense to all teenage girls. I learned about awareness and simple things that I didn’t think about like where to park my car and how to avoid distractions. I feel more confident as I go off to college soon.

Safety First. Invisawear Smart Jewelry Can Help!

How are you making sure you are protected at all times?

My mom bought me Invisawear jewelry. I wear this jewelry at all times and I already feel much safer knowing help is close by, even when I cannot reach my phone.

Myrtle Beach Self Defense Teaches Teenagers How To Stay Safe!

We teach Gracie Jiu jitsu ‘Women Empowered’ program here at Myrtle Beach Self Defense. This program is based on leverage not strength. We always assume the attacker will be bigger, heavier and stronger. The goal is to create reflexes (muscle memory) and resistance tools. We prepare mentally, psychologically and physically to prevent the FREEZE. The hope is to gain an understanding of awareness, boundaries and communication in regards to self-defense, then apply specific safety habits to everyday life.

Our goal is to provide a safe, positive and encouraging learning environment. We offer FREE classes throughout our community in the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area, including both Horry County and Georgetown County.

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